Power of Mantra

Power of Mantra


What is ZInuru ?

ZIN URU is an Egyptian mantra that that cuts through illusions and invoke the truth of human beings as Children of light. These are the amazing words that helps in opening the gates of light and is known as the "Voice of the Heart". It is the symbolic representation of the human spirit that is expressed as well as balanced via the heart. With the help of love, comfort, peace, nobility, and clarity, it fills our lives. Zinuru is the word of power that means Source of all light, primary light or ultimate light. 

The objective of the ZIN URU Mantra

The objective of the ancient mantra is to concentrate all of your energy in the solar plexus, then transport it to the midline of the mind, where the pineal gland is situated - "the third eye" according to Buddhists, also known as "Ajna chakra"; perceptive center-; next, by focusing all of your energy there, transfer it to the pituitary.


Through a key (ZIN URU) that opens and closes doorways between dimensions, you can awaken our internal educators. In a nutshell, observe, feel, and flow our essence as participants, so strengthening our universal awareness.

How to do Mantra? 

Every week, three times. Sitting, back against the back of the chair, keeping shoulders calm, palms down lying on legs, eyelids shut Slow, continuous breathing, utilizing the belly (plexus region, at the level of the belly), taking an inhalation, storage of air (instead of using the shoulders to avoid hyperventilation), and a delicate exhale while mantralizing. It is critical to focus. Concentration is being "at the center," or with oneself.


Benefits of the zinuru mantra connected to meditations and affirmations

If the ZINURU word is utter in the right tone, and right sound, then it will enable the person to put his/her mind into an appropriate trance. It also helps to summon the "Servants of Light" to help these individuals.  The Mantra also helps to stimulate epiphysis as well as the pineal gland for promoting and recovering psychic abilities. 

The main purpose of the mantra is to find the key that is comfortable for feelings and the mind.  Mantra is one of the best forms of healing and has been used in Egyptian culture. It acts as the best sound meditation that is used as a therapeutic instrument to be used intuitively. It is a powerful and effective tool for energetic and physical self-care. You don't use only vibration but also feel them within your external body. It helps to pull your body power back and restore energy. 

Some highlighted benefits are: 

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhance creativity 
  • Healing meditation
  • Induced meditative state
  • Promote deep relaxation 
  • Helps to gain pure clarity in life
  • Uplift personal and spiritual vibration. 

The Law of Vibration holds that "everything that appears in our universe, either seen or invisible, in its truest form, comprises of energy that vibrates and exists as a resonance or frequency." This means that each bone, organ, and cell in our systems has a unique resonance or frequency. When we are well and in a good mood, they all come together to form a pleasant harmonic.

When we are anxious, unwell, or simply not feeling well, there is usually an area of the body where the vibratory rate has changed. The body may absorb the vibrations of gongs and bowls through sound, restoring inner balance. 

Recommendations at the workplace:

Allow it to be a pleasant, peaceful, and inviting invitation to our interior labor. There are two options for this posture: outside during the day or in a room with shadows or darkness. Contact with nature helps us recall our own, and darkness brings to light the interior spark that we all possess.

Sound of the ZIN URU mantra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx13dO3yHpA&feature=youtu.be







Did you know?

Unlike other forms of meditation, practicing Trataka gives you several other benefits such as: eyesight improvement, enhances patience and willpower. Get to know more below.