finding balance

Finding Balance Through Difficult Times


Finding Balance

SEEKING PEACE DURING COVID 2020 has presented some ups and downs whilst testing our resilience and our perception of the world. Peace has become an abstract and sacred term which might be truly defined by how we process the world and how we navigate through roller coasters such as COVID, politics and deeper social dynamics. This has been a significant time when people are affected by the same circumstance and need to stand together in an effort to evolve towards lighter paths. We have stood together through a very testing time and that is something to be proud of as a global community.
The circumstances influenced by COVID have taught us that even though life fluctuates and the unexpected always occurs, we can always go within ourselves to find peace and we can always go within ourselves to seek for that spark that will inspire greater good. The process and journey towards peace is different for everyone especially during the pandemic.
For the team at Society Of ZIn, peace has meant finding balance and continuing on our journey of empowering a youth that is gearing for positive change, harmony and empowerment. We hope our motivation will help people around the world to stand together and undertake collective action. COVID is not a complete tragedy, it's also a time to reflect and begin our journey towards manifesting our greatest dreams and passions. Remember to use this time to visit your peaceful place within, embrace creativity and may your journey towards greater good never end.


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