About Us

Our Mission and Vision:

Society of Zin is on a mission to enlighten the world—literally! With inspiration from ancient Egyptian ideologies, we want you and your wardrobe to explore inner consciousness through our mantra-infused designs. By invoking higher thought with just an outfit or practice of meditation & mantras, we believe that together as individuals leading by example—we can create peace, harmony and love in this world. Join us today for transformative style that's backed up with powerful energy! Shop hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, beauty & skin items, home goods and more fun items.

model wearing God over everything hoodiemodel wearing society of zin painter power hoodieShop our colorful collection of dads hats for his and her. Designed to inspire.


Did you know?

Unlike other forms of meditation, practicing Trataka gives you several other benefits such as: eyesight improvement, enhances patience and willpower. Get to know more below.